Ever wondered how beetles, grasshoppers, cockroaches, lizards, and other such creatures spend their day? Whenever I see one, I always think– what would it have been doing the whole day? Just crawling around, sitting in corners doing nothing, taking quick naps here and there, hunting for food… what else? Looks like they’re the laziest ones around with absolutely no work to do. That makes me think- are they lucky enough to survive in this world without doing any work? But then, what about those who get killed by us, knowingly or unknowingly?

People say that ants work more than we do. We’re talking of physical work here. What about all the mental work that we do? Do the ants think as much as we do? Do they think about themselves, their future, things around them, animals around them, or us?

We are mentally more advanced than animals. That is what makes us different, right? And that we don’t have tails, wear clothes, comb our hair, eat in bowls and plates, are conscious about our looks, buy stuff, indulge into stupid relationships, get attached to inanimate objects, work on computers, listen to radio, watch TV, and blah blah blah. Phew!

Ok, I know I am talking weird again. O btw, do animals ever talk weird??