The other day, my friend and I were returning home in a cab. At the red-light, I spotted a very old man with his hand-pulled rickshaw. He was trying to get to the other side of the road and was too tired to do it quickly, as we do. Although, the hand-pulled rickshaws have been banned in Kolkata, some people still refuse to do away with this old and strange mode of transportation in a couple of areas. The sight of a man (old or young) pulling people in this kind of a rickshaw induces a stange feeling in me. It’s almost like a bull pulling a bullock-cart. A lot of us call it inhuman. I say, not exactly.

Not everyone gets an opportunity to work according to what they wish. No job is decent or indecent. A job is a necessity to earn your bread. It pays you money. What would an an old man, who has been left all to himself by his children, do to survive? He might become a richshaw-puller, a sweeper, or a labourer. He would expected to do the same amount of work as the young people would. He would be paid the same amount too. At work, no one is going to sympathise with him or show pity on him.

At times, we tend to sympathize with the old rickshaw pullers, pity on them, think that he’s too old and weak to pull our weight, and choose to hire a younger one. By doing this, aren’t we depriving him of what he’s working for? Aren’t we depriving him of those ten bucks that he could have earned because of us? There’s always a reason behind old people working. Either they’re too fond of working at that age or they have no one to support them. Why do we not support them in whatever way we can?

I’ve noticed that I’ve been writing sad stuff since a couple of days — the dog, the accident, the old, and my mood. Dunno why I am not being able to write happy? O yes, but we can’t always do that. Aww, but then, it’s been long!