5 mumbai brats, aged 18-21, drunk to death, rammed their car through 9 people (workers hired for drain-work) sleeping on a pavement in Mumbai.
They were returning from a pub and were looking for more booze.
The brats tried to rip off the number plate from their car and flee. 2 of them did. 3 of them couldn’t and were caught by the police on the spot.
The other 2 are caught the next day. The accused (the one who was driving), along with others, was produced in the court.
4 brats got off without any charges. Their parents told them not to worry, go home, and sleep, as they haven’t done anything wrong.
The accused is still in the police custody and would hopefully get off on bail.
"It was just an accident. We did nothing wrong." is what they’ve been sayin all through.
The four who got off wore half-smiles on their face and were remorseless.
They are happy and would go pub-hopping again. They might even drive in the same condition again without caring about the damage they did and could do.

Out of the 9 victims, 4 died on the spot (including an 8-year old) and 5 were injured.
Injuries are quite severe including head injuries and fractures.
Some families have lost their bread-earners.
The firm who had hired them hasn’t paid any compensation to the families of the dead yet. "We will see." is what they have to say.

What do think about this? Some of you would sympathize with the victims and say that the government and the police is "like that". Some of you who’d be agitated enough would say that the brats should be given a severe punishment for what they did. How severe a punishment can/should be given to the teenagers? What about the careless attitude of their parents and the shameless attitude of these brats?

Who is more at fault? The brats, their parents, the court, or the government??

I have nothing to comment.

A lot of you have been asking me why I didn’t save that dog (refer to my previous post). I have a couple of reasons to quote, but I’m not gonna quote them. They would sound funny and stupid. The genuinity of the reasons can only be felt when you have actually been in that kind of a situation. No, I am not giving excuses for my cowardness or fear. It’s just that I’ll have to argue with you even more in trying to justify my reasons. I don’t wanna do that. You may think whatever you like. Sorry if it sounds rude.