At times, I wonder how the stray animals manage to spend their life like that. They eat garbage, sleep in open, mate in open, produce a huge number of children, who again lead the same kind of life. They, at times, get run over by some vehicle and die an anonymous death. No one cares. No one is concerned. Why would one be?

This reminds me of an incident that occured a couple of months back. A stray dog happened to trip and fall in a drain, right in front of our apartment, which was inside a housing colony. The dog was hurt and the drain was too deep for him to climb out of it. It was hurt and cried helplessly. The cleaners and the sweepers could have easily helped it out of the drain, but no one did. We asked the security and other related people to do something about it but they acted as if they’re deaf and blind. The dog used to cry like a baby and I used to watch its innocent face hopelessly. After three days, the dog died. The security weren’t even concerned about removing its dead body from there. After much coaxing, the cleaners somehow removed it after a day of its death. I wondered and still wonder at the kind of treatment the dog received from the humans. Ok, no comments.

Even some human beings live like stray animals. Who cares for them? Yes, but we tend to show more pity towards them, just because they are humans, not animals.

Aww, just some random thoughts. Never mind!

I might not update my space and visit your spaces till Monday. I’d be working hard, for a change.
Have a good weekend ppl!