Why is a company’s status as a brand given so much importance?
Is it a big deal if you’re working with Infosys, Wipro, TCS, CTS, Microsoft, etc. kinda brands?
When you plan to switch your job, why does everyone expect to hear a "big" name?
What’s more important for people generally– brand, salary, or job-satisfaction?
Why not go ahead and join even a start-up company, which has a decent product line and offers you a good platform for growth?
Depends what you wanna grow in– position, salary, knowledge, or status.
Alright, it would be wrong if I say that I am not concerned about the salary.
But, WHY bother people who’re happy in taking up a job in a some XYZ firm according to their priorities? Let them!!
How on earth does it matter to YOU?! Who are YOU to judge ME on the basis of WHAT I do and WHAT I am going to do?

At times I feel that life should come to a stand-still. I don’t feel like moving ahead with the time. Keep working as you have been, interact with the same set of people daily, do the same chores, come back home decently happy, and sleep (of course without seeing any dreams). Yes, it sounds colorless and dull. How boring it would be if that happens. But, for a change, I want no changes. It’s not that I’m happy with the way life is going on right now or I’m having a great time. It’s because I’m trying to escape the changes; trying not to change with the changes; trying to stop the changes from happening altogether. I know this is crap and impossible. What’s wrong in imagining and wishing so? Yes, I’ll end up tearing my own hair on this. And you would say… "It’s okay to think so! Changes are inevitable! Go with the flow! Stop being bothered about what others have to say! Ignore! Do what you want to! Take a chill-pill!" 

Hell!! where on earth do you get the chill pill??

what a fuck this life is
enjoyable, yet painful
tempting, yet doubtful
necessary, yet evil

Am I in a bad mood? Yes.
Have I been thinking too much? Yes. (BTW, how much is too much?)