It was a lovely evening,
complete with perfect colors
except for the gray sky,
which, every now and then, gave me jitters

I felt warm in his arms
wrapped around the white that wrapped me
Goosepimples appeared, as I touched his arm
under his shirt that was magenta and amazed me

And then, I saw something rise in the gray sky
ah! they were the seven colors
The rainbow appeared from nowhere
and I froze at the sight of the horseshoe vibgyor

I tugged at his shirt and said, "See!"
and till the time he could look up actually
I saw the eighth color rising high
The magenta, then placed itself in the rainbow gracefully

And it hadn’t even been much time
since the eighth one made its apperance
I saw an amazing bird gliding down from behind a cloud
with a blinding light and a striking brilliance

I tightened the grip on his hand
"It’s an Albatross see!", said I
He looked up and gazed at it in awe
I still had my eyes glued to the sky

And as the mighty bird descended
we could see its colors clearer
With a pearly white at its base
the magenta shone on its feathers…

Does it look incomplete? Dunno. This is what I saw in the Friday morning’s dream. I felt good and funny. I wondered at seeing an albatross in the dream. I wondered at the magenta, which was a part of the rainbow, the albatross, and his shirt. I dunno what it signifies, but I felt fresh!