Oh my!! 62 comments!! I didn’t know that you’d miss me so much people!! sob! sniff! Thanks to those who’ve already welcomed me back! Lemme quickly list my experiences, good and bad, both 😀

  • It was quite cold in Delhi and I fell ill the day I reached there 😦
  • Granny wasn’t allowing me to wear my new white dress on diwali cuz’ she thought that I’m gonna feel cold in that and become worse. But, I somehow managed to convince her that I’m gonna look great in the white dress and that the black one would make me look even more sick.
  • I couldn’t click any pictures on Diwali cuz’ I was too busy watching the cracker show 😦
  • I had great home-cooked food but I couldn’t stuff myself with it.
  • I could meet only one friend cuz’ I spent rest of the days at home sleeping.
  • We’d planned to organize a Delhi spacers’ meet but the plan failed. 😦
  • The flight back to Kolkata was pathetic!

Okay, lemme also tell you why the flight back to Kol was pathetic. I was a bit late in reaching the airport. They were already announcing the security check for my flight. I rushed to check-in. They’d obviously run out of window seats so I got an aisle seat (which I hate), and that too the last one, 29D, that is. 😐 We’d to sit in the plane for almost 45 minutes before it took off. In this duration, I could hardly bear the smell coming from the loo, which was nearby. I was wondering how I’d eat with that smell around me! They’d started serving the drinks and till the time they could reach the ‘back-seaters’, the take-off was announced. There was a mad rush and they forgot to serve drinks to us (grrrrr). These two guys sitting besides me were flying for the first time (I guessed so) and were quite scared when the plane took off. One was saying prayers and the other one had closed his eyes with hands clutched onto his shirt. I was quite amused at the sight. Dunno why, but the plane was making all kinda noises and quite frequently, they were announcing that there are some local turbulances and that we must stay where we are with seat belts fastened.

Another guy on my left (obviously on the aisle seat) was quite amused with whatever was happening. He’d taken off his shoes and was sitting with his feet up on the seat. He’d already borrowed my newspaper, a magazine, and a book from me, and was just looking around with those three lying in under the seat. I was quite irritated with the smell coming from the loo and was making all kinda faces. The air hostess seemed concerned and was spraying a freshner quite frequently (which wasn’t helping much though).

When the food was being served, I almost fainted bcuz of that mixed smell of food and the loo (yukkksss!!). To my amazement, the tray on which I’d to keep the food was smeared with butter (ewwwww!). I was irritated enough to cry at that time. Somehow, I gulped the food down and decided to rest for a while after having tea. But, no!! How could have I!! There was a LONG queue of people besides me waiting to go to the loo! I felt like jumping out of the plane.

Finally, the plane landed with a big thud and went on with a rattle-tattle till the time it stopped. The rattle was bad enough to scare the people inside. It seemed as if all the luggage is gonna fall on us and the plane is gonna turn turtle anytime. Anyway, nothing of that sort happened (thank God!!!). We landed safely.

Gimme some time to visit your spaces and comment people! I have a lot to catch up with, here and at work.