bleeding crimson from the eyes
looking at the smoky white skies
she lowered her brown lashes
to burn and become a part of the gray ashes
although, she’s sure that she’d rise in the colorless air
she’d get her yellow back to bare
she’d soothen the yellow in the blues
she’d possess each color with all its hues

I’m flying to Delhi tomorrow to celebrate Diwali with family. Yippee! 😀 So what’s on my list?

  • Stuff myself with home-cooked food
  • Get loads of sleep (sleep as if I’m not gonna get any sleep till next Diwali :p)
  • Have lots of blabbering sessions with granny (till the time she tears her hair off :p)
  • Play around with my newly acquired laptop (forgot to tell you guys about it! it’s a Dell Inspiron E1505 with a sexy looking mediterranean blue skin)
  • Meet a couple of ‘spaces friends’ and my usual friends 😀
  • Get a great head massage from granny
  • Click loads of Diwali pics (if I get a chance to :p)

I’d return on 29th morning. Till then, no posts and no comments from me! I don’t think I’d be able to find time to come online but whenever I do, I’ll go through your spaces and comments. 🙂

Have a Great Diwali !
Cya  🙂