Umm, nothing much to tell so let me tell you about the goof-ups that one of my friends does while speaking. He has this amazing habit of swapping the first letter of two consecutive words. At times, he swaps the position of the two words. He does that unknowingly and he manages to do it most of the time! 😀

The other day while narrating an incident about how his ex-girlfriend was upset and wanted to cry, he said, "I asked her to put her shoulder on my head and sleep."

You must hear him when he admires a skoudy cly.

In a serious discussion on some issue, he hit upon a brilliant idea to resolve the issue. Once he was done telling us about it, he said, "It’d be like killing two stones with one bird."

When in mischevious mood, he’s always praying planks with people.

The latest is that he’s planning to buy a Syundai Hantro!

Gay to wo Dude!

(I hope he’d not read this cuz if he does, he’s gonna kick me! :p)

It’s Monday again! Boohoo 😦