The brain is weird, funny, strange, mysterious, wonderful, and brilliant. It drives our whole body. It drives our thoughts. It drives our actions. It drives whatever we do. It drives our emotions too. They originate from inside the brain and rule us. So, where from does the heart come into picture? Does it actually have a say anywhere? Does it do something else apart from pumping the blood?

"Listen to your heart." What is this supposed to mean? "You broke my heart." What exactly did you "break" or "do" when I say this? May be I mean that you "hurt my feelings". Did those "feelings" originate from the heart at the first place? Or did they flow from my brain to the heart? Why heart? Why not my kidney or liver?

When we’re nervous or scared, the heart starts beating like a drum. Are the fears and the nervousness housed inside the heart? Don’t they originate from the brain? If they do, then why does our heart beat instead of the brain?

Alright! May be it’s funny. I feel that I don’t know my body. Should I listen to my heart and find out what it has to say about this??

Ok, another change in the color. I’m so confused. I need color but no color. I need brightness, which isn’t not too bright. I need a decent color, which is a bit indecent. I need a combination of fresh and dull. I hope I explained it well!

Aaaarrgghhh! I love black!

Colors, the mood of my heart
Colors, the shadow of my mind
Colors, dark and mystic
Colors, undo and remind

Colors, the ones I love
Colors, which aren’t so bright
Colors, which might seem sad
may be the ones that cheer my sight