One life.
One body. One heart. One mind.
Two eyes. Two ears. Two hands. Two feet.
One identity.
There’s so much that we’ve been blessed with. There’s so much that we can make of it.

We crib. We cry. We complain.
We shout. We lie. We restrain.
Why? Why do we fail to understand the value of LIFE that we’re living?
Why do we disrespect the life and the humanity?

Yes, we define some rules. Yes, we need discipline. Yes, we need to stay within limits.
But, who lays down the rules? Who defines discipline? Who marks the limits?
Are we correct in overdoing these things?
Do we realize that we tend to curb an individual’s thoughts, dreams, and freedom at times?

Our parents taught us what’s good, what’s bad, what’s right, and what’s wrong.
We’d teach that to our kids as well.
But, I, as an indivudual, has a perception. I may perceive things as good, bad, right, or wrong differently.
So what am I supposed to do?
Chuck my perception and go by your’s, just because more than half of the world goes by it?
Or take the "road less travelled" and fall into a ditch that you’ve dug up at its end?

Let me, at least once, fall in it.
Let me learn a lesson, if I’ve chosen a wrong path.
And, if I’m on the right one, then learn a lesson from me.