Yawn! That’s how I started my day today. It’s a Wednesday that feels like a Monday. Coming back to work after 5 holidays would obviously make me feel so. And then, I didn’t get my bed tea today. 😦 This has added to the number of times I’d be yawning today.

My friend Shweta had come down to Kolkata in the Pooja holidays. She, another friend Azam, and I went to Shanti Niketan for two days to spend the holidays. It’s a peaceful place and lets you be lazy and relax. Shweta, who’s an amazing guitarist, entertained us with a couple of Pink Floyd and Tom Petty numbers. Azam, who’s a die-hard Manchester United fan, kept talking about football all the time and left no stones unturned in boring us with it.

These two nocturnal animals, Shweta and Azam, didn’t let me sleep in the night. I spent the day watching stupid movies on TV in the hotel room with these two sleeping peacefully by my side. And then, we used to go out in the evening, amongst the hustle and bustle of the Pooja processions, just to find that all the restaurents are packed and we cannot eat out. Wait outside till the time we get a place?? No way! I used to be on the verge of fainting owing to the lack of sleep, waiting to hit the bed as soon as we reach the hotel.

It was a dark evening when we decided to check out the Vishwa Bharati University campus. The univ felt eerie, although the guards told us that no ghostly stuff has ever happened here and that we shouldn’t be scared. Two rick-wallahs took us around the univ and we tried our best to see the ‘bhawans’, the open-air classes, the antique blackboards, the staff-quarters, etc. in the dark. I couldn’t click any pictures 😦 but overall, it was a nice ride around the univ.

So what was it that I enjoyed the most? The train journey from Shanti Niketan to Kolkata and vice versa. 🙂

Check out some pics in the latest album "Pooja holidays miscellaneous".

Yawn! zzzzzzzzzzzzz