The Puja time is nearing and I can already see the high spirits and color in Kolkata’s air. I visited a place called "Kumartuli" yesterday, where they make the idols for Puja. The unfinished and the almost-done Durga idols were as great a sight as the actual final idols would be.

It was a busy place with the artisans engrossed in giving the final touches to the idols. Most of them were busy painting the Durga idols with bright yellow, red, and green colors. The most striking feature of the Durga idols is the eyes. The eyes are painted in a way that depicts the Goddess’s mood. From a calm and a serene look to a furious and angry look, I saw them all.

I’d never seen such huge idols being built and painted so it was quite interesting for me and my camera. I could spot a couple of more enthusiasts that made me feel less awkward otherwise I thought that I’m the only fool clicking around. I got one of mine clicked with Ganesha’a idol. Look at the difference in our sizes! 😀 (ye ye ye, I can hear you calling me skinny, bony, noodle, vermicelli, etc etc etc lol. that’s my default shape; can’t help it :D)

While returning from Kumartuli, we stopped at the bank of Ganges river to look at the lovely colors of the sky, a smoky black cloud, and their reflection in water. I spent almost 15 minutes to focus and capture this beauty. Have a look. 🙂

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I’ll upload the rest of the pictures later cuz’ right now, msn isn’t letting me do that. I wonder why! 😐