This is about something that I hear and observe almost daily, somewhere or the other. People talk about it most of the time. They show it in the movies and the TV serials. Everyone’s aware of it. Everyone discusses about it. Yet, the situation is worsening. This is what I feel cuz’ I’ve never heard any good words till date.

It’s a mother’s voice, as is. She doesn’t intend to complain. She just wants to be heard. She has no hard feelings. But, she does feel bad at times, cuz’ she’s a human being. But then, she’s a mother too. And that’s why, she forgives and ignores.

You’ve given me shelter
although, it’s just a corner
yet I’m content
You give me tea in the morning
although, I don’t get to have it with you
yet I’m content
I get the three meals on time
although, they’re not as great as what you eat
yet I’m content
You take me to the doctor
although, you forget to ask how I am the next day
yet I’m content
I wait for you to come back from work in the evening
although, you forget to sit with me and talk
yet I’m content
I overhear that you’d be out of town for a week
although, you could have informed me
yet I’m content

I thank you for all that you have done for me Son
God bless you

I always treated you as my daughter
although, for you, I’m just the mother-in-law
yet I’m content
I’ve always wanted to teach you new dishes
although, you always manage to point out mistakes in what I cook
yet I’m content
You’ve always longed for my sarees
although, you always ridiculed my dressing sense
yet I’m content
I’ve given you all what I have
although, you tease me for hiding things from you
yet I’m content
I take pride in talking about you
although, you’re ashamed to present me in front of your friends
yet I’m content
You shop around for hours
although, you don’t have time to take me to the temple
yet I’m content
You call me for meals on time daily
although, you forget to address me as "mom"
yet I’m content

I thank you for being a nice wife to my Son, Daughter
God bless you

You imitate my limp and laugh at it
although, you can’t feel the pain in my knee
yet I’m content
Your mobile’s ring is always audible to you
although, you dont listen when I call out for you
yet I’m content
I always ask you about studies
although, I’m not even aware of what standard you’re in
yet I’m content
I’d always wanted to sing you a lullaby
although, I don’t understand rock music
yet I’m content
I always try to prepare nice dishes for you
although, you’re ashamed to sit with me at the table
yet, I’m content
At times, I want you to sit with me and talk
although, you’re too busy playing games on your pc
yet, I’m content
I like buying clothes for you
although, you call them old-fashioned and never wear them
yet, I’m content

I thank you for being a good Son to my Son
God bless you

I am old
like a dry leaf, colorless after a wither
You’re young
like a fresh flower, full of color
I know that I don’t suit your garden
and I make it look ugly
don’t worry
I’ll soon be gone all of a sudden

I’ve lived my life for you
although, I’m not that great a part of your life
yet, I’m content, being your mother

I thank you all
God bless you!

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