They have been there on the bedsheet, on the bed-stand, and on the speakers that were lying near the bed. Yesterday, I saw them on my T-shirt that was lying on the bed. I saw a tiny one on Shweta’s (my roommate) C# book as well. Small, round, and black, they looked as if someone had painted them there. Those spots have been confusing us since a week.
Bedsheet is where I observed them first. I wondered about their existence. Who’d have sprayed this black thing on my bedsheet? Some wood-work was going on at that time in our room so I thought that the carpenters must have accidently spilled something. But then, it didn’t look as if some liquid has been spilled. Sprayed is the right word.
Yesterday morning, Shweta woke up with two of them on her night-suit. We checked the window, the roof, the door, and all other inlets. We checked the curtains to see if there are any spots on them. There were none. And then, we found some on a magazine. A couple of those black dots with halos around them.
We’d already racked our brains a lot to find out about the origin of the spots. Finally, we informed our land-lady about them. We showed her around in our room. We showed her all the spots and she too wondered about the odd places where we found them and about how they landed there. She was concerned. We were confused. Now, we’re scared. Scared of sleeping on that bed. Scared of staying in that room.
Shweta said that we’d sleep in the other room. I said okay. After having dinner, she said that we shouldn’t be that scared and that we’d sleep in the same room.
We were watching a movie yesterday night. Shweta was lying on the bed and I was sitting on it. Suddenly, the big iron rod that held the curtains behind us fell down with a big bang. It headed straight towards Shweta’s head but she was quick enough to react and hold it just an inch above her head. She looked at me and I looked at her with a half-open mouth. We didn’t say a word and put the rod back at its place.
After the movie got over, Shweta picked up her bedding and said, "Let’s sleep in the other room." I followed her as I saw a fresh big black spot on the bathroom door smiling at me.
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