Ever tried to see what nothingness is composed of?
Is it a conscious subconscious or is it vice-versa?
Is it just a blank?
Is it a plain mess?
Is it black?
Is it white?

Do you feel something when you’re surrounded by nothingness?
Or do you feel nothing?
How exactly do you feel the nothingness?

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I might not write for a couple of days because of nothingness. For a change, I’ve let it take over my mind 🙂

It’s good to think of nothing at times. By the way, if we’re thinking of nothing, are we actually thinking of something?? Something that’s nothing, still something! 😐 Is nothing something? :-

May be all this sounds like crap to you. You might think that I’m a crazy female who has nothing to write cuz’ she’s been thinking nothing, still she’s trying to write something by thinking of nothing that’s something, and still nothing. Gosh! 😦

Anyway, here’s something that made me laugh this morning 😀

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Queen! I’m not able to access your space. It says "Access Denied"! What’s happening? Plz chk!