Yesterday, I visited the Indian Museum, Kolkata. I was quite excited about visiting this place but it didn’t turn out to be that exciting. It’s not that I don’t like looking at and admiring the old Buddha statues, the huge skeletons of dinosaurs and elephants, or the Egyptian paintings and mummies; it’s their condition and the way they’d been displayed that pissed me off. Tell me how’d you feel after entering a huge damp hall where the plaster is coming off the walls, the dirt-covered and blackened webs are hanging from the corners, and huge black pedestal fan is constantly trying to blow you away? Moreover, the way they’d placed the ancient stones, rocks, and the mining equipment in the cabinets was pathetic. The cabinets were cluttered and so were the items inside them. Although, each one of them had proper labels on them, yet they were placed haphazardly.
In order to carry your camera inside, you need to take permission slip that costs you 50 bucks. Alright. We were carrying two of them so we took two slips and paid 100. Inside each hall, after every 5-10 minutes, some or the other person used to come to us and check our slip. That seemed quite irritating after sometime, but then, we ignored it thinking that it’s a part of their duty to do so. On the walls, after every inch, they’d placed video cameras for security reasons. When I say inch, I actually mean 2 feet. By 2 feet, I actually mean 2 feet. Now why am I telling you all this? That’s because I wanted to tell you how concerned they were about the security.
One of the halls had zoological stuff. The zoological stuff ranges from huge skeletons of dinosaurs and elephants’ tusks to the horns of antelopes, the mountain sheep, giraffes, and monkeys. So what was it that pissed me off here? Have a look. 

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What do you have to say about the scribblings on the poor elephant’s tusk? Don’t the video cameras capture this? How can someone even think of doing this? I’ve seen people scribbling nonsense on the walls of old monuments but not on a preserved dinousaur’s ribs! Look at the condition of that tusk. Isn’t it pathetic? Are the museum authorities supposed to do something about it or is it IGNORABLE?

I didn’t even feel like complaning about it because I assumed that nothing would be done.

Anyway, have a look at this mummy. It’s a 4000 year old mummy and the flesh has obviously disappeared from the face. It was quite dark and the position of the mummy was a bit awkward so I couldn’t capture the whole of it. So, I thought that I should capture the at least this much! 

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