Jealousy. Isn’t that a funny feeling? A feeling that makes fun of you because you feel stupid if you exhibit it. And then, you put up a funny smile to hide it. That funny smile, in turn, encourages other people to make fun of you. So, you anyway end up looking and behaving funny in attempts to hide this funny feeling called jealousy.

Ever thought why we feel jealous? Is it a feeling which shows that we’re insecure? Even when there’s no space for any insecurities, we feel jealous. We just do. Why? Is it bad to feel jealous? It just happens, right? So, nothing bad about it, right? It’s not bad. It’s not good. It’s funny.

Oh btw, I tried to find out my shade of green, that is, my Jealousy Quotient here. Here’s the result 😀

Cucumber Green
Yeah. You get jealous. So what? Everybody does. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t. But that doesn’t mean you’re gonna let your jealous feelings sabotage this coolness thing you’ve been working on…

and that’s how I look when I’m J 😀

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