Why can’t we do unto others as we expect them do unto us all the time?
Why isn’t honesty the best policy at times?
Why is a lie still considered bad even if it has been said for good?
Why can’t a person be good, think good, and do good all the time?
Why, at times, does the devil inside us take over?
Why do we do something bad knowingly at times and then feel guilty about it?
Why is it that we just can’t work at times, even if there’s a pile of it in front of us?
Why can’t we stop the dreams from barging into our sleep?
Why do we see weird dreams and feel stupid about them after waking up?
Are we all stupid in some or the other way?
Does everyone lie at some or the other point of time?
Does everyone think bad at some or the other point of time?
Have you ever felt that you should have been an animal, not a human?
Have you ever hated the fact that you’re a human?