Another day in school got over and I, as usual, headed towards Miss Olvita’s office to get the toffees. She smiled on seeing me and gave me a handful of them. I grinned and ran out of the office. I stood near the gate waiting for Kartar Singh, the driver, to come and pick me up. As I stood there, I saw Rocky heading towards me. He was waving continuously and I waved too, acknowledging his wave. I was happy to see him because I’d been standing alone for long and thought that he’d give me company. But, I didn’t know what he had up his sleeve that day. I expected him to stop near me but he went past me like a tornado, snatching away my toffees and giving me a push. I fell down in the mud and sat there watching him walking away merrily, stuffing the toffees in his pocket, and making faces at me.
I was in a state of shock. It was the first time someone had behaved like that with me. Till the time I got up, Kartar Singh showed up at the gate and ran towards me to find out what happened. I didn’t tell him anything; I wasn’t in a state to. I handed over my bag and bottle to him and sat in the back seat of the car, gazing out of the window. Kartar Singh was a bit worried seeing my behavior because it was so unlike me. Usually, I used to literally jump over him, give him one of my toffees, and sit in the front chatting away to glory about how the day went. At home too, I remained quiet and didn’t talk to anyone about anything. Everyone wondered as to what had happened.
I was burning with anger. I wanted to take revenge. While taking my afternoon nap, I kept thinking about how to teach him a lesson for depriving me of Sister Olvita’s toffees for a day. I thought and thought. Finally, I came up with a plan.
It was lunch time the next day in school. Rocky, Kanav, Richa, Tanya, and I rushed to take a ride in the Merry-Go-Round after finishing lunch. Rocky seemed to have forgotten about the incident but I hadn’t. I was ready to do what I had to. The Merry-Go-Round went round and round with the five of us on it. We were screaming with joy. "Faster!!", we all shouted together to the guy who was rotating the Merry-Go-Round. He speeded it up and we continued screaming and shouting. I knew what I’d to do. I’d deliberately stood closer to Rocky. The Merry-Go-Round was at its fastest and I couldn’t wait any longer. One push with all my force and Rocky was on the ground, bleeding from the corner of his mouth. He’d broken a tooth.
The Merry-Go-Round person stopped the ride immediately and rushed towards Rocky. Kanav, Richa, and Tanya too did. I didn’t. I’d taken my revenge by breaking his tooth; the tooth that he must have used to eat my toffees. I ran away from the sight. I ran aimlessly. I stopped at the pond near the school gate and sat near it. I didn’t know why I felt bad; I felt guilty; I felt like I’d committed a sin. I didn’t know why I didn’t feel happy about breaking Rocky’s tooth. I didn’t feel happy about my victory. I burst into tears; the tears of guilt; the tears of shame about treating my best friend this way.
I got up and rushed to Sister Olvita’s office. Kanav, Richa, Tanya, were already there, standing besides Rocky. Sister Olvita was stroking Rocky’s hair and talking to him. He wasn’t crying as I’d expected. Kanav, Richa, and Tanya looked at me and then looked away. I felt ashamed. Sister Olvita looked at me and smiled. I went and stood besides Rocky, looking at him from the corner of my eyes. My eyes couldn’t meet Sister Olvita’s; I couldn’t look at her.
"Divya, I know you’re feeling bad for Rocky. After all, he’s your best friend. I understand. He’s just lost one tooth. Don’t worry.", Sister Olvita said, resting her hand on my shoulder.
"But Sister..", I tried to speak. "I know child. Just take care whenever you go on the Merry-Go-Round next, okay?", she said.
I was confused. "Didn’t Sister know that it was I who pushed Rocky?", I thought. I again looked at Rocky from the corner of my eye. He seemed to be least bothered about what had happened. He looked at me and grinned. He looked so funny with a missing tooth but that
didn’t make me laugh. Instead, I started crying.
"Uh oh!", Sister Olvita exclaimed.
"Didn’t you tell her that I pushed you from the Merry-Go-Round?", I asked Rocky, almost screaming. "You’re so bad! You should have told her. I’m feeling terrible. I’m sorry!" I started crying even more.
"I’m sorry Sister! I’m so sorry! I just wanted to teach him a lesson for taking the toffees that you’d given me yesterday. I didn’t want to hurt him!" I went on.
I felt Sister Olvita’s hand on my head and Rocky’s on my shoulder. My face was red with tears trickling down from the corner of eyes. Sister Olvita smiled when I looked at her. "Wait here my child", she said and headed towards her room. I was wondering if she’s going to get a cane. I hung my head and stood like that. Rocky still had his hand on my shoulder.
After a minute, she returned. I couldn’t see a cane in her hand. She was carrying two brown packets. I wondered even more. She handed over the packet to me and said, "These are double the number of toffees I give you daily. That’s because you’re my sweet child and today, I find you even sweeter." She turned towards Rocky now and handed him the other packet. "And you’re no less Rocky. God bless both of you."
"Don’t forget to share your toffees okay?" She told me smilingly. "Because sharing increases love and strengthens the friendship." I nodded and blinked at Rocky. He grinned again, and this time, I laughed.
Till now, we were unaware of Kanav, Richa, and Tanya. They’d been watching the whole thing and looked quite amused with what had happened. Sister Olvita waved at us and left. We looked at each other and grinned.
"Now would you guys share some of them with us? We don’t want to end up with a broken tooth like Rocky!" Richa said grinning. The five of us burst into laughter.
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