If only you’d have looked

beyond the black, into the depth of my eyes – Dekha to "Retina"

If only you’d have seen
what I see, and others don’t, in the skies – chand sitaare (Moon, Stars)what else…

If only you’d have noticed
not the color, but the playfulness of my hair – hmmm short karwa liye abhi bare ho jayenge to fir se will play 🙂

If only you’d have felt
the magnets that we are as a pair – aaah both are south poles ohh sorry north

If only you’d have seen
the current that rushes through my skinny body – 440 V pheww

If only you’d have explored
the real me, who’s not just a somebody – sveetu!!! Did i ever say anything else???:-w…haaaann….Ulllu ka pathaa…or what about new one…;-)

If only you’d have overlooked
the kid in me, and understood the expression – you are a kid, nothing else…shooooo!!!

If only you’d have called it
love, not obsession – Did I ever call it something else…:-w

If only you’d have ignored
my clothes, and watched my movements – cheeeeeeee, gandi baat…booooo!!!

If only you’d have grasped
the meaning of my various comments – i know that means teaseeeeeeeeee;-)

If only you’d not have
pampered my jealousy – Ok! I wont

If only you’d not have
let me in the world of fantasy – Time he nahi milta baki ki fantasies se!!! Will try thou

If only you’d have known why
I find you different from other men – cause I am different!!! Any doubt??? 😉

If only you’d have known that
I’m unlike other women, but still a woman – yea I know u a female!!! woman… i doubt u are, are you?

*** Divu didn’t like that i posted this here so i had to delete this post once but then she said she was ok n was just joking so i had to put in again.. in the process, 2 comments got deleted. My Apologies for that to the people who had put in the comments. I think one was from Vijay and another was from some "i dont know the first name_girl" ***