Last night
I saw the soft rain
falling on my window
It was too soft to be heard
but I could smell it
as I sat near the glass, resting my elbow

I could see it better
when I saw it against the yellow light
of the lamp post as the background
I could see the thin drops
which looked like white threads
quite different from the ones that look round

And then, as the light of the lamp
grew brighter
I could see the threads in orange and red
I saw the red flowers grow redder
the yellow shine on the railing of my balcony
and the white turned red bougainvillea bedspread

I could see them shining
I could see them twinkling
and smiling at their changing color

as they tasted the soft rain
My window moved outwards softly
and I moved nearer to the watch the show of glimmer


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