The clock struck six
I woke up with a start
It was neither the clock’s gong
nor did my alarm play any part
I rubbed my eyes
but the feeling was quite different
coz’ the corner of my eye hurt
guess what, I’d been bitten by a red ant
She was sitting right there on my pillow
feeling delighted about her bite
I felt it was a weird place to,
she felt that it was just right
I was irritated
coz’ my eye hurt like hell
I felt like giving her a big whack,
felt like ringing her head with it like a bell
I finally got up
and swept her off the pillow
It didn’t make me feel great though
coz’ she was such a small fellow
The corner still hurt
and my eyes looked wine-shot
I’d to study,
I picked up a book, but could not
Now that I wasn’t able to read
I planned to take a nap
I washed my eyes and looked in the mirror
as I stood beside the tap
I came out blinking
the water in my eyes felt like gel
I wondered if it’d stay like this
I wondered if it’d swell
I curled up on the bed
ready to take the nap
I mumbled some abuses to the ant
and continued thinking crap
I even dreamt about the ant
teasing me about the bite
I was fuming with anger
ready to pick up a fight
She pounced on me
and in my clothes, she tried to enter
But before she could,
I slapped her left, right, and center
Now it was her who was fuming
with anger, burning hot
she clung onto my neck
and gave another shot
I again woke up with a start
and I could feel a similar pain
Yes, the miss red ant
had bitten me yet again
And this time to my surprise
she was right there on my neck
I turned red with anger
I said, "What the heck!"
I flicked her with my finger
but that devil wouldn’t move
She still clutched a minuscle of my skin
as she swayed in groove
I turned redder
and held her from the back
I pulled her off with all my force
and threw her down the balcony coz I didn’t want her back
Irritated and pained
I sat on my bed
neither the pain went
nor did the ant go out of my head
I’m still in pain
In my head, she’s still there
I’m sure that tonight
she’s going to give me nightmares

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