Love the first drop of rain on my nose

Love to drench the grass with a hose

Love the circles in the pool when it drizzles

Love the tickle in my body when the raindrop wriggles

Love to lick the drops on my lips

Love the fish in pond and their flips

Love to step and splash in the puddle

Love to see the kittens under the roof cuddle

Love to walk on the washed out street

Love the trees on which the birds tweet

Love to see the people walking with colorful umbrellas

Love the raincoat-clad trotting small fellas

Love to shake the water off my hair

Love the sight of a downpour as I rock my chair

Love to see the mynah flutter its wet wing

Love the tip-tap of drops on the roof that makes me sing

Love the aroma of the hot ginger tea

Love it whatever the rain does to me



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