I finally finished reading "The Color Purple" By Alice Walker yesterday. Loved it. Every word of it and the emotions attached with it.
It’s a story about woman Celie, who narrates her story in the form of letters to God. She’s black and uneducated. She gets abused and raped by her father repeatedly, and then, she tries to protect her younger sister from the same fate. She sacrifices her childhood to fulfil her father’s sexual desires and provide her sister with a better life.
Her father, then, marries her off to Mr. ___, who’s already married and has big children, and who was interested in marrying her sister instead. Here onwards starts another cycle of abuse for Celie. Mr ____ ill-treats her, doesn’t provide her with the status of a wife, and still, she manages to survive that treatment and bring up his children. Meanwhile, her sister escapes marraige, runs away from home, and becomes a missionary. Celie is unaware of it as Mr. ___ had been keeping all her sister’s letters from her.
Now enters Shug Avery, Mr ____’s ex-girlfriend. He brings her home and keeps her like his wife. Celie is completely bedazzeled by Shug, her looks, her ways, her singing, her everything. At first, Shug treats Celie like a maid. But, when she finds out what Celie has gone through, she falls in love with her and starts appreciating whatever Celie does for her.
Shug, then, makes Celie aware of what she is, her talents, and her creativity. She makes Celie aware of what love is, what freedom is, and what independence is. Shug is Celie’s lover and her inspiration. Later, the story is about how Celie finally awakens and discovers her "self".
The way in which Alice Walker has explained Shug and Celie’s relationship is beautiful. Her use of black English vernacular is adorable. The depth of the female characters in the story is amazing. The story covers feminism, homosexuality, physical and verbal abuses, incest, and other similar subjects.
"The Color Purple" received the Pulitzer prize for fiction in 1983 and was made into a film in 1985 by Steven Spielberg. The movie was nominated for 11 Academy awards (including Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress). The movie went through quite a lot of controversies as well.
I’d like to quote something from this book; something that I loved…
They calls me yellow
like yellow is my name
But if yellow is a name
why ain’t black the same?
Well if I say Hey Black Girl
Lord, she tries to ruin my game
Outstanding, is what I have to say about this book.


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