This is the first time I’ve ACTUALLY been tagged by someone, our BitterSweet that is 😀 So I’m a "tag victim" now and what a tag man! 8 different points of your perfect lover! Isn’t 8 too much? :s I dunno HOW and WHAT I’m gonna write about my PERFECT lover! I’ve been thinking since yesterday and now I thought that I should just write something about it and get rid of this tag thingie 😀
FYI, according to the tag, I need to do this:
1. Come up with 8 different points of your perfect lover.
2. Mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
Lemme swap the first and the second points. Btw, whoever came up with this tag should correct the sequence of it.
So any guesses about my target sex? 😀 Ok lemme give you a clue (only for those who are curious about NoName :D) What’s the sex of NoName? 😀 C’mon, I guess you ppl at least know this much about NoName. Ye ye, everyone must have guessed the sex as Male, right?
Obviously, bcuz NoName’s album says "Sun by NoName Guy" :D:D Now don’t assume that I’m gonna write about NoName, just bcuz he’s a GUY 😀 Well, may be I AM writing abt him, or may be I’m NOT.. dunno! :p
I’ll start with the 8 points now.. umm.. ahem…
  1. He should accept me as I am and love me for what I am.
    Whoever’s gonna think that I have loads of ego and I’m the stubborn type, who refuses to change in ANY circumstance, is a fool. My guy would be wise enough to understand what I mean by this point. 😀 Also, he should be able to understand my various MOODS and act accordingly, and then, he can expect the same from me too! 🙂
  2. He should not be a Momma’s boy.
    This point has nothing to do with "respect" and "care" for parents. They are there by default. Also, it has nothing to do with living with the parents. I always like to and would love to. I’m saying all this just to clear the misconceptions of some stupid people about a "Momma’s boy". My guy would know what I mean by this. 😀
  3. He should have a GREAT sense of humour.
    And ye, he shouldn’t laugh on my stupid jokes just for the sake of making me happy. :p
  4. He should respect women and shouldn’t behave like a "typical stupid guy", who thinks that women are dumb, over-sensitive, and insecure.
    At the same time, I would like him to be good at flirting :p He should know what and how to appreciate in a woman. He should believe in beauty being skin deep, but then, he should not ignore the outer beauty completely 😀 He should know the essence of a woman. He should know how to bring out the girly side of a tom boyish girl. He should know what makes a woman, a woman. (enough about women, lemme stop here :D)
  5. He should love pets, love getting wet in rain, and love travelling.
    Now this one’s a miscellaneous point 😛 I’m gonna keep a lot of pets after marraige 😀 Right now, my granny doesn’t let me keep them 😦 I love getting wet in rain and he should be willing to do that with me. He should walk with me in rain holding hands and splash around like a kid 😀 He should be willing to travel anytime, anywhere, without even planning, just like that.. willing to explore places, and willing to click loads of pictures 😀
  6. He should know how to cook, or at least, willing to learn how to cook.
    Not that I’m gonna make him cook all the time :p I’d love to cook for him and feed him 🙂 but, I’d love to have the food cooked by him at times. May be on the weekends we can cook something together 😀 or may be, when I’m not well and have cold, he should make ginger tea for me and serve it to me with cookies 🙂
  7. He must have a GOOD dressing sense, but, at the same time, he must be cool about it 😀
    And he should be able to improve mine too :p He should let me wear all kinda clothes, obviously suited to the occassion and the place, but I should be able to wear all kinda clothes 😀
  8. He should know what romance ACTUALLY is.
    Romance isn’t just about holding hands, kissing, and saying "I love you". There are a lot of ways to be romantic, lot of places to be romantic, lot of things to do when one’s romantic, apart from the usual stuff. I’d like him to be CREATIVE enough to come up with unusual stuff 🙂

There are some more points ya :p 8 is too less 😀

Anyway, like we all know, no one’s perfect. But, two not-so-perfect people can make a perfect relationship by complementing each other, being aware of each other’s moods and needs, and acting accordingly. No egos, no tantrums, no nothing. And then, they should be WILLING enough to WORK towards making their relationship PERFECT. Not 100 percent perfect necessarily, but they’d have to give THEIR 100 percent.

Enough of philosophy :p I’d not bore you anymore ppl. I’m off now.

Oops wait wait wait! I need to tag 8 ppl ya.. the worst part of it :p Okai, so the new victims would be Neil, Bobby, Rahul, Mandy, Abby, M, Vijay, and Rhea. Plz don’t kick me for doing this guys! :p It’s a part of the tagging job you c! 😀

Have a great weekend! 😀