I was enjoying the night sky from the terrace. The sky was clear with a half moon and a couple of stars. I was concentrating on the constellations and wondering about the various shapes that they make.
And then, suddenly, I saw a bright light in the background of the Great Bear. The light seemed to head towards the Great Bear and continued to become bigger and clearer. I could see it clearly now. It was a swarm of blue and silver lights, twinkling in unison. As it came nearer, I could see the exact shape of it; it was a huge hexagonal object, which was studded with hundreds of blue and silver hexagons. They were weaved together in the form of a bee-hive. It was an amazing sight and kept looking at it in awe.
I sprang up and headed downstairs to get my camera. "How could I miss capturing THIS!", I thought. I almost ran, banging into the various objects in my room, quickly took out the camera from my bag, and ran back to the terrace. I was afraid that I might miss it but it was right there, where I left it. It seemed to me as if it was waiting for me to come and take its picture.
I was panting and my heart was thumping. I couldn’t believe that I’m actually going to click an amazing thing like this. I focussed and clicked. After the first click, it started to drift away. As it went further away, I clicked again. And then, I clicked the third and the last one, as it became smaller and the hexagons transformed into a mess of blue and silver lights.
I still couldn’t believe that I actually took pictures of a strange object in the sky. Was it a space-ship or a UFO? Or was it a huge star? Nope. Had it been a star, it wouldn’t have gone away like this. It would have stayed and twinkled. Don’t know! I kept wondering.
The next norning, I heard a big thud outside my room. I looked out. Surprisingly, it was the same object, which had landed in the garden. My heart started thumping again. And then, this big fat girl stepped out of it. She was huge. Dressed in a blue and silver hexagonal suit, her body looked like one huge hexagon itself. Her face looked like a small hexagon sitting on the top of the huge one, her body that is. Two pigtails popped out of the small one with even smaller hexagonal rubberbands tied at their ends.
I came out. As I stared at her with my mouth half-open, she approached me and stood right in front of me. "Hey you!", she said in a harsh voice. Her voice pierced through my ears like a needle. "Yup!", I said with a stupid expression on my face.
"You were the one who clicked our pictures last night, isn’t it?", she asked.
"Uh, yeah, I did. But, I clicked the pictures of that, not you." I said, pointing towards the object.
"Whatever! It’s the same thing. We were inside it when you clicked. Do you know that you’re NOT supposed to do that? She said angrily.
"How would I know? It’s beautiful and I didn’t want to miss it. That’s why I clicked." I clarified.
"Hmph." She stood in akimbo.
"Well, you look good too. I’d love to click your picture as well!" I said, hoping that she’d like my appreciation.
"Oh really! And then, you’re going to send these pictures to some stupid space agency and boast about seeing a UFO and an alien, right?" She was still angry. Her pigtails kept moving with the words she uttered.
"Nope! I never thought about THAT! I just wanted to show them to some of my friends. They’d love them!" I clarified again. I was afraid that she’d take away my camera or destroy it.
"Well, is it so or are you just making it up to save your ass?" She squinted a bit, which showed that she was doubful about whatever I was saying.
"I swear. I don’t even know about the space agencies here. I clicked them because it’s so beautiful! I love clicking strange objects. I mean, it’s so strangely beautiful. Please let me keep the pictures. I’d not publish them anywhere. Promise!!" My heart was pounding like anything.
"Ok Ok! And what if you do?" She squinted again.
"Nope. Never. I swear. Never ever will I do that!" I clarified again.
"Awrite awrite! Can I see the pictures by the way?". She grinned. Her teeth twinkled like the silver hexagons. I stared at them, amazed.
"Hello! Get the pictures lady!" She woke me up.
"Oh ya. Just one moment!". I rushed into my room to grab the camera and came out almost running. Panting, I switched it on and handed it over to her. She looked at the screen in amazement, as if she realized how beautiful her space ship, looked.
"You’ve clicked a good one lady! Can I please take this camera home? I’m gonna show it to my folks", She asked fluttering her eyelids.
"Uh oh! Well!". I couldn’t have given the camera to her. "Wouldn’t it be good if I get these printed and then give it to you?" I tried to convince her into not taking my camera.
"But this thing looks cool! Why can’t you give it to me?? Don’t expect me to come back for those stupid prints!" She seemed to be angry again.
I was worried about losing my Sony Cybershot to her. "Mummmyy!" I uttered as I thought of losing it.
"Huh what?" She squinted again. I was already too scared because of her size. The squints scared me even more.
"Nope. Nothing. Ya, why not! You can keep this." I blurted. "Shucks!!" I uttered from inside.
She grinned again. This time, I wasn’t so interested in looking at her shining teeth. I stood there, staring at my camera in her hand. "Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase don’t take it!!" My heart kept screaming. I could have cried at that moment. I kept standing with a face that looked no better than the sad smiley emoticon.
"I don’t think you really want to give this to me, do you?". She squinted again. "Can you please stop squinting like that??" My heart screamed again.
"Nope. Nothing like that. You can take it. It’s just that I love my camera a lot. So, it’s difficult to depart from it you see!" I explained. "But then, it’s okay. You may take it. I don’t think you’re going to get these back home. Where’s your home, by the way?" I asked something this time.
"We keep roaming around. We’re trying to find a good place to live. I’m going to take pictures of the various planets with this and show it to my folks. It’d help them decide on the best one. And then, soon we’d have a home to live. This thing’s going to be of great help for me. Do you realize this??" She asked with a question mark in her eyes.
"Yup! I do. Take it. I can buy another one. But, please let me keep the memory stick that has the pictures of your space ship. It’s beautiful and I don’t want to lose the pictures. I swear I’d not publish them anywhere. I’d not even show it to my friends. Please let me keep them. I’l give you a new stick. Please??" I requested.
"Ok! You may keep it lady. And I’d let you click my picture too. You’ve been kind enough to give this to me." She grinned again.
I grinned back, took the camera from her, and tried to focus. It was so difficult to get the whole of this huge hexagonal girl on the screen. She kept grinning as she posed for the picture and I finally clicked. I thanked her and took out the stick from the camera. I then remembered that I need to give her a new stick. I rushed back in, brought a new one, put it in, and handed it over to her.She was quite happy to have it. I was afraid that she might jump with joy and make a hole in my garden.
"Thank you very much lady! I’ll try to meet you again after I find a home for us." She beamed and then pulled out a tooth. I watched her in amazement. She handed it over to me. It was a blue tooth, twinkling like a diamond. I stared at it with twinking eyes and mouth half-open.
"Keep it lady! It’s a gift for you. And yes, you may show this off to your friends." She said grinning.
"Thanks!" I said and watched her leaving, her pigtails fluttering and hexagons twinkling. She entered her space ship with a big thud and closed its door with another. And then, it went straight up like a rocket. Whoooosh!!
I woke up with the whoosh and looked for the blue tooth. It wasn’t there. Then, I searched my bag. The camera was right there. I took it out and surfed the pictures. No pictures of a blue and silver hexagon were there. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes. The hexagon was right there, twinkling inside my eyes.

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