I was scared; scared of the darkness around me, scared of the people around me, and scared of the unknown. I tried hard to free myself from those people, who wanted me to listen to them, do as they say, and follow their orders without uttering a word. I didn’t want to. I didn’t have to. I ran and locked myself in a room.
The room was dark and the big latch on the door scared me even more. It was eerie and the blue light on the walls, which was forcing itself from the window, was making it eerier. I wondered if it’s MY room.
And then, while I sat and wondered about the eerieness of the room, I saw a beautiful butterfly that had entered my room. She was lovely; the mix of fuchsia and yellow on her wings, which seemed to be made of tussar silk, enhanced her beauty. She glowed in the darkness and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She came closer and flew in circles around me. I, unknowingly, stretched my hand towards her. She came and sat on it gently, still fluttering her wings. I could see a smile on her face that made me smile too.
Grind. That’s what I named her, don’t know why. We seemed to click well. I talked my heart out to her and she listened to me patiently, fluttering her wings slightly in between, as if acknowledging my talks. Whenever I used to cry, she used to wipe my tears with her fuchsia wing. When I used to laugh, she used to a flip on my hand. It was fun being with her, comforting talking to her, and joy watching her.
There was a knock on the door that turned into banging after a minute because I didn’t open. I was too scared to. When the banging became unbearable, I slowly walked towards the door, with Grind sitting on my shoulder. I slid the huge latch and opened the door with trembling hands. The black man forced himself in, almost pushing me aside. After a quick look through the room, he turned towards me. His eyes turned red when he saw Grind on my shoulder. She fluttered slightly. I touched her, slightly; a touch to comfort her because she looked scared.
He tried to reach out for Grind and I moved back. She fluttered again and I comforted her again with a trembling hand. He took a giant leap forward and snatched away Grind from me. "NO!!", I screamed as I looked at the helpless Grind. He held the poor Grind in his fist, choking her.  "Grind!!", I screamed again.
He tightened his fist and started crushing Grind’s tussar wings. It was terrible to see her being crushed to death. I sprang forward and clung to his hand, trying hard to open his fist and free her. But, I was too weak to do that. Still, I tried and tried. And then, I bit on his hand. The pain it caused served as a mere addition to his madness. He freed his hand of me and punched me in the stomach with the other. I fell on the floor with a big bang and blood spurted out of my mouth. The punch was hard on my stomach but I didn’t feel that pain. I felt the pain of Grind being crushed to death. "Grind!", I uttered, with tears flowing down my face. He walked over me and threw Grind besides me.
Two lifeless bodies lay by each other’s side. I lay there, crying. I was too weak to move and see Grind’s crushed fuchsia wings; the wings with which she used to wipe my tears. I reached out for Grind with a shivering hand. I could do nothing to save her. I felt hopeless.
I couldn’t save her. I couldn’t do anything for her. I couldn’t do anything but cry.
And then, I woke up, actually crying…
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