Neither do I have any updates as of now nor have I written anything new.. So lemme show you this..
I clicked this cloud in Rishap because it resembles something.. or I should say that it resembles someone a lot. Can you guess who? 🙂



It’s GANESHA guys, who else! 🙂 Isn’t it so clear? Cheers to Vijay, Sups, and the NoName guy for guessing it correctly 😀

@Rahul– You’ve become so blind in Ganesha’s love that you couldn’t recognize Him 😀 :p

@i3rain– Is it still cloudy? 🙂



I agree to what stupidmoi said..  there’s no RIGHT answer for this. It can be anything.. Ganesha, Casper, hands holding a baby (what Mandy imagined)..can be anything.. cuz people perceive differently.

@Rahul– I can see the Casper now 😀 😀 (after so many rounds of concentrating) :p

@Stupidmoi– Thnx fr the comment.. I was so adamant on Ganesha that I actually forgot that people might see things differently 🙂