Note: This entry is the closest to my heart and the longest one as well. Please be patient while you read it and ensure that you read it from top to bottom. And if you think that you’re not patient enough, don’t even bother to start. I don’t mean to be rude. 🙂
It was a dark night,
darker than her black hair,
and she,
the apple of his eyes,
was curled up high,
on his strong shoulders,
with her arms entwined around his neck,
and her face hidden in his chest.
The breeze was cool
and it filtered through
her hair, and his.
His mystic eyes
looked at her glowing face,
she, who’s eyes were happy
and twinkling,
cuz’ it was her third birthday.
He looked at her for a while
and then gazed at the sky above,
the sky, which was black,
like her hair and his eyes.
The chill in the february air
and the chill of the dark night
readied to unfold,
a chilly dark mystery.
She, unaware of the dark,
and unaware of the mysteries,
played with his hair,
and, her innocent eyes,
looked everywhere.
He motioned up with his finger,
to where a star was twinkling,
a silver spot in the dark sky.
She twinkled at the sight
of the twinkling one,
amazed and curious,
and then she looked at him,
his mystic eyes,
and the mystic lips,
that were ready to unfold
a mystery, unknown and unheard.
Look at that star sweetheart,
the only one who has fought apart,
the darkness of the sky,
and the veils of the clouds,
the only one that has managed to twinkle,
the only one that has dared to shine,
the one that’d shine for some more time,
till the time it falls apart.
She stared at the star
and then she looked at him.
She was too innocent to understand
the mystery within,
the mystery that he’d started to unfold,
the mystery that was too mystic,
to mystify her.
She looked at the star and then looked at him.
Just ten more days honey
and this star will fall
cuz’ it’d be time then
for it to leave its niche,
its fellow stars, its so-called friends,
the moon and the sun, its parents,
and thousands of others, known and unknown,
it’d have to leave them all.
She looked at him,
and then looked at the star,
she wondered as he pulled her closer,
she wondered at the drop in his eye,
but she was happy and still unaware
of his mysteries and the star’s.
She thought about the gifts she’d received,
she, the unaware, again looked at the star.
But this star, my apple,
will always be there
with you, hidden from everyone’s eyes
it’d give you the courage to fight the dark,
and help you shrug the troubles apart.
It’d give you the strength
to endure the pains, cuz’ honey,
it’s no bed of roses ahead on your way.
She blinked as if she understood
what lay ahead for her,
but she was still unaware,
of his mystery and the star’s.
She still wondered on what he’d unveiled
and she twinkled at the star again.
She mumbled "Dad",
and hid herself in his chest again.
He sighed and closed his eyes
as he knew what lay ahead.
Ten days and the star would be gone,
and it’d leave behind the apple alone.
She, who’d be left alone, yet not alone,
cuz’ he, the star, would be around his apple,
hidden yet present,
non-existing yet existent.
Ten days passed and the star fell,
and she, still unaware of the mystery,
wondered about where her dad went.
She felt like an apple who’d fallen from a tree,
the only apple who used to hang from the tree.
But now, she knows and she’s aware
cuz’ she struggled through and knows that he’s been there,
he, who was and is, her only STAR.
For you Dad,
I love you. You’re my STAR.