The fire that you’ve lit within
has risen to the heights,
and now,
I’ll let it burn me.
I’ll let it burn the crimson heart,
that pumps love every millisecond,
and blacken it.
I’ll let it burn the arteries and the veins,
that carry the pumped one all over,
and block them.
I’ll let it burn the lungs that inhale
your love with every atom of the oxygen,
and choke them.
I’ll let it burn the muscles,
that quiver on the name of you honey,
and ache them.
I’ll let it burn the brain,
that juggles between crap and your thoughts,
and peace it out.
I’ll let them burn,
and I’ll burn them all,
to ashes, and then,
I’ll let those gray particles fly.
They’re gonna fly high,
smelling you, and reach
where you are.
And then, they’re gonna spread around you,
the heart, the veins,
the lungs, the muscles, and the brain.
They’d make you realize,
the intensity of my love, and the power of it.
Cuz your fire burnt them all,
top to bottom, the out and the in,
but it couldn’t dare touch
the love within.
The love that’d lead them, and
make them reach you,
the love that has always blossomed
and the love that’ll be.
The love that I’d send
wrapped in the ashes,
the love that’s gonna bring
you to me,
YOU, who’d give me


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