It was 12 am. My roomamate(Nidya) and I were wide awake. Why? See what happened..
After having dinner and finishing our routine stuff (cleansing, scrubbing, putting the night cream, the under-eye gel etc etc), just when we were about to lie on our cots, we saw a BIG FAT lizard enjoying its dinner (the mosquitoes) on the wall behind the cots. We sprung back in horror and Nidya did an EEEEEEEEEE!!
Nid> Ugghh! Mr. Lizard (Nid assumes that it is a "he") is here again!
Div> Yeaa! *staring at the lizard in horror* Lemme shoo it away (I tried to be courageous)
I climbed on one of the cots and did a Shoo! Shoooooo!, waving my hand in a shoooing motion. Mr. Lizard moved a bit and shifted to a place just above the tubelight. I gave a *look I’m so brave* smile 😀 and came down.
Nid> Wow Divi, you did it!
Div> *Grinning* yea!
Nid> Kno wot, back home, we don’t have such big lizards. They’re the domestic ones, which are smaller in size..
Div> Hmm.. *trying to imagine wht domestic lizards look like*
Nid> This looks likes more of a garden lizard.. it’s so big! big feet, big head!
Div> Yea! *standing like a kid and imagining how big a garden lizard would be*
Nid> This looks like a cross between a garden lizard and a domestic lizard.. The domestic one must have run away frm home and have
had sex with the garden lizard *giggle*
Div> hehee 😀
Mr. Lizard comes back to its original place and starts gulping the mosquitoes again.
Nid> No! I guess the garden lizard must’ve raped the domestic one.. and this thing wud have been born then..
Div> Huh? *giggle*
Nid> Ya.. that’s why he’s so inconsiderate.. Not letting us sleep and not going away frm here 😐
Div> Ye.. dunno how much it’s gonna eat!
Nid> He’s an over-eater!
Div> *giggles* Awrite, lemme try again..
I picked up one of our stuffed toyz, a doggie, climbed on the bed again and did a Shooo, wiggling the doggie at Mr. Lizard. I guess it got scared bcuz it hopped and jumped and wiggled, and landed quite far on the wall.. its wiggly motion scared the hell outta me and I jumped back!
Div> Mummmmyyyy!!
Nid> Ammaaa!! *runs outta the room, crash lands in the opposite room, switches on all the lights of the room, and stands there with
hands folded and the chin resting on them*
Div> *follows Nid* Oh Nid! Come back.. wht’re u doing here? Dont be so scared! *look who’s talking!*
We came back to our room and started giggling on how we got scared of it. Mr. Lizard, in the meantime, wiggled back to its original place looking for more mosquitoes.
Nid> Uh oh! Now wot? :-s
Div> Oki.. lemme try again.. *I pick up the doggie*
Nid> Nooooo.. not with that doggie plzz!
Div> Lol.. oki! 😀
Nid> Back home, my uncle has a gun with which he shoots the lizards..
Div> Eeeek! Does blood come out when the lizard gets shot??
Nid> Dunno! I never saw blood but I’ve seen him shooting them..
Div> Hmmm.. *thinking* and what does he do with their dead bodies??
Nid> Shick Shick and Shoo.. *making a gesture of collecting the garbage and throwing it away*
Div> Hmmm..
Nid> Look, he’s staring at us as if we’ve done something bad to it!
Div> Hmmmmm 😛
Nid> Ok.. I dont think Mr. Lizard is gonna go so lets pull our cots away frm the wall and sleep with our heads on the other side..
Div> Hmm, lets do that..
Both of us pull our cots away frm that wall, looking at Mr. Lizard frm the corner of our eyes and get ready to sleep.. Nid switched off the light and we tried to sleep.. zzzz… <BANG> I turned around and Nid held my hand..
Nid> Oh Divi! Did I hear a bang?
Div> Yea, I guess.. *I saw that the wind has pushed open our balcony door* It’s the door.. dont worry 😀
Nid> Ugghh.. lemme close it..
Div> *giggles* So u thot that Mr. Lizard fell on your bed right :D?
Nid> Yea!
Div> Even I thot so *giggle*
Nid> Oki.. stop giggling and sleep now!
Div> Okii.. *giggle*
We wake up in the morning and see that Mr. lizard has spent the night at the same place, just above the tubelight..
Div> Gosh! He’s still here..
Nid> Yea.. he ate with us and slept with us too.. Guess he’s jst trying to be friendly! 😀
Div> Huh? 😀

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