At the sight of water,
her heart wavers,
quite like the waves in the sea,
back and forth,
somewhat like the tides,
high and low,
her muscles quiver,
as the goose flesh appears.
She wets her lips
and breathes in deep,
not moving her eyes
that’re stuck to the blues of aqua.
She’s tempted to get in,
drench her body,
each and every inch of it,
and smoothen the goose flesh.
She wants to melt her fear
and do away with the salt
that’s struggling to come out
from her eyes.
She wants to dissolve the blues
in the blues of it,
she wants to float,
she needs a high…

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About the picture: This was clicked by my friend who tried to capture my silhoutte 😀 and that too with my stupid cameraphone.. umm, I don’t even remember where I was looking when he clicked this.. at the water? or at him? I guess I was looking at him.. doesn’t look like though! :p I’ve erased its colors btw.. to give it a more silhouttey look 😀