I’ve no time to write about anything right now and I even dunno what to write about. Some things are happening unexpectedly, some things are happening in a way they aren’t supposed to happen, and some things just don’t happen at all. I’m doing nothing but wondering about what is happening 🙂
Anyway, lemme show you guys a picture. It’s a time pass picture that I took with my cameraphone, some 3-4 days ago; I’d clicked a half moon (dunno why it looks so round!) :p


Ok and here’s another one; the best that my stupid cameraphone could capture. But, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? 😀 


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I’m leaving for Noida tomorrow, my home that is. I’ve been longing for home-cooked food since long 😀

So see you guys on 20th (m coming back on 19th).

Have a Happy Holi and Ciao!