I didn’t want this post to be a gloomy one (like the previous one) so I thought why not write something about myself; 20 things that most of you have already come up with. ๐Ÿ™‚
So here are 20 random things about me that you didn’t know yet…
  1. I’m always confused at the beginning of everything.. like I am right now about how to begin :p
  2. I’m too bad at giving an advice when you ask for it or expect it.. but I’d give a great one when you’d not need it and that too on something which you’d NEVER expect ME to advise on.
  3. I’d always wanted to become a model :p (psssstt.. at times I dress up weirdly and catwalk in my room :p)
  4. My first crush lasted for a year! (too long huh?)
  5. I hate my nose! It’s too big for my face. ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Rajma rice is my favorite food <drool><drool>
  7. I could have become a great dancer, a singer, and a gymnast (didn’t get a chance to :p)
  8. Photography is one of my passions (many people don’t know abt this) I always wanted to make a career in it as a fashion/wildlife photographer.
  9. I used to be a champ in C programming (who ended up in wipro as tech support and then in quality; a technical writer now :D)
  10. I have a BAD temper (it’s only my granny who knows this :D)
  11. I can listen as comfortably as I can blabber >:)
  12. When angry, I’m always tempted to throw things (but I make sure that I throw the unbreakable ones.. isn’t that so wise of me? :p)
  13. I never knew that my blood group is AB- (I still don’t know :P)
  14. I’m incompatible with girls who’re too girlish and into girlish stuff and gossips. 8-|
  15. I’m 75% male and 25% female (my granny says so :D)
  16. I’m underweight (won’t tell u the weight or you might think that I’m undernourished too :p)
  17. Ummmmm… ( I love Umming :D)
  18. I can act insane to the extent of driving the insanes crazy (believe me! even I didnt know that :p)
  19. I’ve fallen in love ONLY ONCE..ย  n I’m rising now (rising in love that is, not out of it :D)
  20. Oops! Have I reached the 20th point?? Well, did I tell you that I’m bad at Maths?! ๐Ÿ˜€