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The two "First" days in School
The day of admission
St. Joseph Convent High School, Bathinda. I was there with my grandpa to get admission in first standard. I wore a white lacy frock and we went there in grandpa’s white ambassador, my favorite. Sister Olvita greeted us into her room with a big smile.
After a brief round of introduction, where I went blabber blabber blabber and didn’t let grandpa speak anything, she asked me to recite some nursery rhymes. I started with the basic ones like Twinkle twinkle and Jack & Jill and then moved on to some uncommon ones. I recited (rather sang) a hindi rhyme too. It goes like this (hope you’d understand!)…
Ek chhoti kashti mere paas
Maine banwaayi
Neeli rangwayi
Aur paani mein tairaayi
Aur paani mein tairaayi
Ek maindhak baitha paani mein
Usne dekha
Mujhko ghoora
Aur kood gaya kashti mein
Aur kood gaya kashti mein
Phir meri kashti dagmagaayi
Duur tak gayi
Aankh se chhup gayi
Aur doob gayi paani mein
Aur doob gayi paani mein
Sister Olvita was delighted. As grandpa completed the formalities, she kept talking to me and I was quite happy talking to her, blabbering more about myself and grandma. In the end, she gave me a couple of toffees and I came out beaming.
The first day in school
I made sure that my uniform is sparkingly tidy (Courtesy Ranjeeta) and the shoes are no less (Courtesy Shamsher Singh). Armed with a blue and red bag, a blue water bottle, and some delicious sandwiches in my blue lunch box, I was all set to go. Tirkha Singh gave me a bunch of roses for my class teacher (he was the one got me in to the habit of carrying flowers for the teacher everyday). As usual, I successfully bribed Darshan Singh and left in grandpa’s white one, along with Kartar Singh (THE bodyguard).
The first place I stepped in to was Sister Olvita’s room. I presented the flowers to her with a "Good Morning Sister". I know she loved it. She assisted me to the assembly hall, made me stand with her during the session, and then took me to the classroom herself.
Miss Jasmine was my class teacher. Everything about her was beautiful– her face, her eyes, her hair, her voice, and her heart; she reminded me of my mom. While I stood there admiring her, she pulled my cheek and welcomed me in to the class.
I made some friends– Tanya, Richa, Rocky, and Kanav; we became the famous five thereafter.
I ended the first day in school by meeting Sister Olvita and getting a handful of toffees again from her. This end became the end of each day thereafter.
St. Joesph, Standard I, 1986
Sister Olvita: The one in the centre
Miss Jasmine: Next to Sister Olvita
Tanya: Second row from the top, second one from the right
Richa: The row at the bottom, fifth one from left, the one sitting right in front of Sister Olvita
Rocky: The row at the top, fourth one from left
Kanav: Second row from the bottom, first one from the right
ME: Third row from the top, second one from the right 😀