Even before I start my day
and stretch in the morning,
I send a morning message to you.
While I brush my teeth,
I keep grinning,
because I’m thinking of you.
When I bathe,
the soap keeps slipping off my hand,
because my mind is holding you.
While I change my clothes,
I keep checking my mobile,
because I’m expecting a morning message from you.
When I comb my hair,
I keep flicking and forget to tie it,
because I’m occupied with thoughts of you.
While I’m in the cab, going to office,
I’m lost in the FM song,
because I’m visualizing you.
When I switch on my pc,
I take a look at your picture first,
and smile at you.
When I sign in on yahoo,
I quickly open your window,
to send a smiley to you.
I love it
when you chat with me for 2 minutes
and ‘boo’ me, when I ‘boo’ you.
Before I start working,
I always search for something to send
that could bring a smile on you.
In the lunch time,
I keep wondering what you must be eating,
and think of having it with you.
When I don’t feel like working,
I smile and browse through the mails
that were sent long time back by you.
In the evening,
I feel restless and keep looking
when there’s everyone on YM but you.
When I’m off,
I make sure that I send a hug,
and say bye to you.
On my way back home,
I keep wondering
if I’ve received any offlines from you.
After dinner,
I quickly wind up and curl up inside the blanket,
waiting for a call form you.
I keep waiting and wonder
if I should make a call,
or keep waiting for a call from you.
When you finally call,
my eyes lighten up as I pick it up,
and try to start a conversation with you.
I’m always short of things to talk,
and I never like to talk,
because I love hearing you.
So you always discuss the food,
the work, and others,
and I keep looking for more from you.
You realize that it’s eleven and instruct me to sleep,
I’m reluctant,
as I want to continue with you.
You ask if I’d like to talk more,
and I say ‘No, you sleep’,
still expecting you to continue.
You say a good night,
I say it too and don’t disconnect
because I expect that from you.
I’m still tempted to send you a message
with a good night and a hug,
hoping for the same reply from you.
I finally sleep,
wondering what all I could have said
to get a scolding from you.
I sigh and close my eyes,
and smile a bit
as I start dreaming about you.
I wish the night gets over soon,
so that I can start afresh,
with a fresh morning message for you.
All of this sounds crazy, I know,
but I guess we tend to do this in love,
like I’m in, with you.