How many times have you been bugged by the "wannabes" and the "YOs" on yahoo?
Picture this: You’re analyzing an "important" document, too engrossed to be disturbed by the surrounding noises, and pop comes a window, in the centre of the screen, with a glaring font color.. Hi dear! Can I have the pleasure of chatting with you, if you don’t mind? ;;) . Uggghhh x-(.
I’d like to share some of the opening lines that these guys use. I wonder how they manage to be so disgusting all the time! May be they aren’t so disgusting but, for me, they are a TURN-OFF.
Here are a few of them:
>: Hi, how r u? (WHO r u??)
>: Hey, nice id! (Eh.. is it??)
>: Hey nice pic! Is that yours? (Nope, tht’s my granma’s teenage pic :|)
>: Hi dear! (*rolling my eyes* 8-|)
>: to chat??? (I care a damn!)
>: Hey miss! Can I have a chat with u? (NO.. wanna have a vada pav instead??)
>: Hi this is X.. living in NY (not again!) .. working with (HAS to be some BIGSHOT).. own a (some hi-fi car/bike).. PASSIONATE abt fast bikes, fast cars, racing, riding, bungee jumping, scuba diving blah blah blah…interested??  (post it on sm matrimonial site!)
And the BEST one is…
>: Hey I wanna make friendhsip with u! (Gosh! n how wud u do THAT.. eh?)
Cool huh? Awrite, here’s the last one..
>: Hi this is amit frm delhi
>: Hi.. I’m divya from noida
>: Great! D’u have a BF?
>: No
>: Kewl! asl plz..
>: 😐
Dunno why I’m writing a blog on THIS but I’m seriously BUGGED.. hmmphh!