Gimme some colors
I’ve lost mine
I’m left with just two
A black and a white
That make a gray
Gray, like my grandma’s hair
Gray, which doesn’t shine
Gray, like ash.
Ash, which moves up with air,
moves down with water,
or just spreads here and there.
The water in my glass looks gray,
although it’s colorless
Colorless, like I am
But I’m trying to change
Change, like water does,
with the shape of my glass.
But it’d flow, shapeless and colorless,
as soon as the glass will break.
And it’d keep flowing,
flowing till it comes to a halt
with or without any other glass around.
So gimme some colors
Colors that color
A blue to chill, a green to relax
A pink to blush, a yellow to party
An orange to dance, a violet to play
and a red to go wild.
But don’t mix them together
or I’ll get another color
A color that’d be a colorless one
Colorless, like I still am,
waiting for a few colors.