Today, I chose to think again
Think about the choices
Choices that I’ve made
Choices that I’m gonna make
Choices that I didn’t choose.
I’ve made some bad ones
Choices that sound dumb
Choices that I regret
Choices that I wish to change,
but I can’t.
I’ve made some good ones too
Choices that sound great
Choices that make me smile
Choices that are worthwhile,
but they’re a few.
I’ve been confused by some as well
Choices at places,
where my choice depended on what others chose.
But I chose to choose what I wanted to,
even if I’d to lose.
I wish I could choose to stop thinking
Thinking about the choices I’ve already made
I’d rather think about the choices
that I need to make
Choices that don’t make me think.
PS: Couldn’t help changing the theme yet again!!