Lemme tell you beforehand tht I’m still in kolkata and I’m here to stay.. so back to my space.. and back with a couple of changes, apart from the changes in the theme 🙂
Here’s a list of some of them:
Change #1:  From Noida to Kolkata.
Change #2:  I’m feeling lonlier than before.
Cnange #3:  I’ve started eating 4 chapatis for dinner.
Change #4:  I’ve not been eating rice since the time I landed in Kolkata.
Change #5:  I’ve stopped having milk at night.
Change #6:  I’ve started watching Tom n Jerry again.
Change #7:  I’ve become more extravagant.
Change #8:  I’ve started reading again.
Change #9:  I’m kinda forgetting how to write.
Change #10: I’m not able to feel any change.
More changes are gonna follow.
Btw, I’ve not been doing anything but work since the time I’ve come here. Haven’t been anywhere else apart from the City Centre (the only place fr TP in salt lake).. n guess wot, I haven’t been able to find a Barista yet 😦
n i’ve to spend more than 6 months in kol.. i’ll hafta start exploring soon!