Ppl say that I need to change my attitude…
Ignore things, Don’t argue, Have patience..
Hmm.. so I thought.. and thought.. and thought abt it.. and I’m still thinking!!
Kno wot’s the worst thing abt me.. I ARGUE..
I ARGUE for whatever I THINK is RIGHT.
I ARGUE for whatever I BELIEVE is RIGHT
I ARGUE even if I KNOW that I’m NOT RIGHT, jst bcuz I wanna prove that I’m RIGHT!
BUT, I ALSO ARGUE for whatever I KNOW IS RIGHT, and others THINK that it is NOT RIGHT, jst bcuz EVERYONE SAYS that IT IS RIGHT!
If I want to follow what I KNOW IS RIGHT, why the hell do ppl stop me frm doing that?? Temme WHY do they do that?? Is it jst bcuz everyone’s SUPPOSED to follow what EVERYONE SAYS is right?? Walk on others’ foorsteps even when you KNOW that they’re gonna take you nowhere?? How am I supposed to leave MY MARK if I keep following others’ footsteps?
Uh huh! Here I go again.. lost my temper.. again tryin to PROVE smthing.. n MAKE A POINT!!
I shouldn’t do it.. it’s bad.. I’m showin a bad attitude..
I’m gonna keep quiet ppl and let YOU speak!
I’m gonna IGNORE whatever YOU SAY!
I think I’m PATIENT enuf to do tht!