Tried some quizzes today.. here’s what I got..
I’ll only revenge when some one crosses the limit I had put, I never get easy with any one who doesn’t respect me or disrespected one of my principles, n when this happens, I can bring hell on earth!
My mind is motivated by normal desires, I’m are not a big risk taker but I’m not a couch potato as well..
I’m normally normal , I don’t like to go against the flow all the time but sometimes I tend to be stubborn, n the best to represent me in females is Britney Spears.. gosh!!
I hide behind The Shadow Mask, I don’t like to be in the spot light.. hmmm??!!
My social intelligence is what makes me special.. hehe..
I am Marijuana (aka: weed, dope, skunk, chronic…).
Green is the color of my death!
and this one is the best…
Writing is my salvation. In words I escape from reality. I have a strong character with an amazing way to express my feelings BUT only on papers. People tend to see me as a loner but in fact I’m just a misunderstood out-going soul.
~~Just me and my words~~
I took these quizzes here and came to know abt this on Sayan’s space. Chk it out!