Have you ever sung a song when in love? Like they do in the movies… I sung one today.. hehe.. not exactly sung.. jst hummed.. n then I realized that I’ve been singing.. n tht too for SOMEONE.. n then I thought tht ths is so stupd! But then I again thought.. wht’s wrong if i did? n wht’s stupid abt it?
They say that fools fall in love.. but it’s wrong ya! normal ppl fall in love.. it’s jst that sometimes they make a fool of themselves while in love.. btw, we actually start doing abnormal things when in love.. 
Love is very complicated stuff ya.. Some say that u fall in love.. some say tht it jst happens.. some even say that u rise in love! great! Seems that love is quite a ride, isn’t it?
And yea, ppl never leave the poor love alone.. They HAVE to precede it by some or the other "useless" word.. true love, real love, virtual love, unconditional love, this love, that love.. I wonder how they differentiate between all these kinda loves!! Ever imagined how an untrue love or an unreal love wud be like!
But are there ACTUALLY so many kinda loves? Does love transform into some or the other kind after it happens? What if it doesn’t? If it doesn’t take any form, it wudn’t exist, right? Is it REALLY so?
I’m feeling sleepy now.. yaaaaaaaaawwwwnn! Will continue in the next one.. bcuz I still wonder abt a lot of things! 🙂