the parenting ride

parenthood takes you

on a roller-coaster ride

with it you experience

the best of happiness

the worst of fears

the peaks of frustration

the quickest tears

and smiles of pride


at times you think

how good life used to be

with just your husband

and friends around you

with some scope for carelessness

fewer responsibilities

a lot of time to waste

and a mind so free


but the next moment

you know you were wrong to think that

cuz’ you didn’t have the best of everything

cuz’ the one who brings out

the best in you

wasn’t there

the apple of your eyes

the l’ll brat


and you know she’s the one

who’d teach you the meaning

of patience, perseverance,

courage and endurance

and she’s the one

who’d give you the best hugs and kisses

and she’s the one

to whom your best song you’d sing



yours patiently

yesterday night, when i was rocking her to sleep, i wondered where all my patience went! she just wouldn’t sleep and i couldn’t retain any patience. she babbled something and i babbled back. i kept rocking her while holding her tight, still wondering why i tend to act crazy! she tried to free herself a couple of times, but i didn’t let her go.

finally, amongst all the rocking, pushing, and wondering, she fell asleep… i don’t know when. i looked at her face that was calmer than anything in this world. i could have sat there looking at her till eternity. at that moment, i cursed myself for being so harsh and immediately got a refill of patience.

after placing her in her crib and bundling her up, i bundled up myself and almost immediately slipped into my dreamland… only to be brought back by a whisper… “maaumeee”, she said again, sitting right behind me, flashing her best smile….


people are complicated

i feel that they are never content
even if they have all the happiness
and their loved ones around

in one small corner of their heart
they’d always be wanting more
craving for more
envying someone
cursing someone
thinking of what they don’t have
and what they could have had

and when they hear this
they feel bad
and they think they can’t be like that
and they tell me that i must be like that
to say this and that

and when i say people
i include myself
and i wonder

why are we never content?
what all do we need to achieve the completeness?
why do we live with expectations, obligations, and frustrations?
why the show-offs?
what for?

why are we a mix of emotions?
i wish i could get rid of ego, envy, and expectations!

sweetie plum, sweetie pie

sweetie pie, sweetie pie
the apple of mum’s eye
i love it when you chomp chomp chomp
and slurp it, o my my!
sweetie plum, sweetie plum
the cherry of daddy’s eye
i love it when you phhbbbttt
and throw it all on mum!
sweetie pie, sweetie pie
the strawberry of our eyes
i love it when you gaa gaa woo woo
and sing us a lullaby

sunshine days

as i rock my sunshine

and look at her smile
i feel that i’m the luckiest
and she’s the best
that i’m the happiest
and she’s the zest
that i’m the proudest
and she’s the prettiest
and i feel all this as i take some rest
when she clings to my chest

and we bask in the warm sunshine